Mountain hut

216. Akadake Tenbo-sou

Business period: April 26 to November 4

It is located on the shoreline that extends from Mt. Aka-dake to Iodake, and it is built near the head of Jizo, just after the climb of the Jizo o’ne.

Other than the sunrise, the views of Mt. Fuji-san and Mt. Yatsu-gatake, Daibosatu-rei, etc. are wonderful beyond imagination.

The large room and the private room are separate buildings, and you can spend a quiet night if you can book a private room even in a crowded season.

Elevation  2,722m 4 hours and 35 minutes from Mino Toguchi, 25 minutes down from the summit of Akadake
Capacity 200 people
Price  1 night 2 meals
Adult ¥ 9,000 / 1 person
Tent area No tent area
Reservation 0266-74-2728
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