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Yoshihide Tsuchiya

Allow me to help you have a safe, fun time mountaineering from satoyama to the Alps.

I was born and raised in Matsumoto, Nagano. I made my mountain debut on a field trip when I was still in daycare to Mt. Keshibozuyama, a satoyama in Matsumoto. In elementary school, we climbed Utsukushi-gahara from Sanjiro-bokujo to Hyakumagari and stayed overnight at the Yamamoto-koya mountain hut making my mountain hut debut! The view of the night sky filled with stars over the campfire stays with me to this day. I made my Alps debut in junior high school on Mt. Tsubakuro. At the time, when staying at Enzanso, we had to bring our own rice with us (we did not get to see any rock ptarmigan).
Now, I am engaged in activities to preserve and increase the population of rock ptarmigan on Mt. Kisokoma-gatake in order to revive their population in the Central Alps while providing guide services, from the satoyama to the Alps in Nagano.


Trekking Guide Stage Ⅱ
Completed Wilderness First Aid (WAFA Advanced Level)
Member of Japan Sky-running Association
Member of Japan Alpine Plant Protection Association


Shinsyu Matsumoto Mountain Guide Association

Mountain areas of expertise

snowless period

Hiking around Utsukushi-gahara, Hachibuse-yama, Takabocchi-yama, Mitsumine-yama & Sirakaba kogen area
Hiking around Yatsu-gatake & Nyugasa-yama area
Trekking around Gaki-dake, Ariake-yama, Tsubakuro-dake, Otensho-dake, Jonen-dake, Cho-gatake, Otaki-yama, & Yari-gatake from Higashi-kamaone area
Trekking around Yari-gatake, Hotaka mountains Daikiretto, Nishi-hotaka-dake, Gendarme, Kasumi-sawa-dake, Yake-dake & Norikura mountains area
Torekking around Yatsu-gatake, Utsukushi-gahara, Kiri-gamine, Tateshina-yama, Hachibuse-yama & Hachimori-yama area

snowy period,snow remaining in season

(Snow hiking )

Specialized Guide Information

Alpine flower
Rock ptarmigan, Wild birds
Geography, Environment
Trees, forest vegetation, mushrooms

Foreign languages

English Communication skill
Able to communicate in a basic way

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