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Takashi Sugiyama

Everyone has their own way of having fun in the mountains. I will do my best to help you enjoy them.

I like mountains, coffee, antelopes, and reading. Oh, I like beer best. I am also a good nature guide, so I would be happy to walk in the mountains with you and experience its various charms. I especially like mammals, birds, insects, and other living things, so I would like to talk about their lives. I have more than 30 species of mammal skulls and pelts, and I call myself the best skull guide in Shinshu, and I sometimes carry them in my bag.


Guide Qualifications - Others
Nagano prefecture Mountain Guide


Shinsyu Matsumoto Mountain Guide Association

Mountain areas of expertise

snowless period

Hiking around Kamikochi & Norikura Kogen area
Hiking around Utsukushi-gahara, Hachibuse-yama, Taka-bocchi-yama, Mitsumine-yama, Kiri-gamine & Shirakaba Kogen area
Trekking around Yari-gatake, Hotaka mountain Daikiretto, Nishi-hotaka-dake, Gendarme, Kasumi-sawa-dake, Yake-dake & Norikura mountains area
Trekking around Hachibuse-yama, Hachimori-yama, Utssukushi-gahara, Kiri-gamine & Tateshina-yama area
Trekking around Kita Yastu-gatake & Minami Yatsu-gatake area

snowy period,snow remaining in season

Snow Hiking around Yatsu-gatake area
Snow hiking around akami-ishi koya Kuroyuri hutte & Shima-kare sanso area
Snow hiking around Mt. Asama-yama, Kurofu-yama area

Specialized Guide Information

Alpine flower
Climbing equipment and tools
Rock ptarmigan, Wild birds
Trees, forest vegetation, mushrooms
Wild Animal

Foreign languages

English Communication skill
Able to communicate in a basic way

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■Guide information dissemination
October deer


TEL 080-4639-9981