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Takako Yamamoto

My name is Takako Yamamoto and I love the mountains. Pleased to meet you.

I offer a lifetime of nature experiences with people from 0 years old to 80 years old.
You will be impressed by the scenery, animals, and alpine plants that you can see only by going on foot by yourself.


Trekking Guide Stage Ⅱ
Goshikigahara forest guide at the foot of Mt. Norikura
Japan Nature Conservation Association Nature Observation Instructor
All Japan Ski Federation certified ski instructor


Hida Mountain Guide Association

Mountain areas of expertise

snowless period

Kamikochi, Norikura Highlands, Norikura Goshikigahara
Northern Ina Valley such as Senjojiki, Komagane Kogen and Takato
Southern Tateyama Mountain Range: Tateyama, Goshikigahara, Yakushidake, Kurobegorodake, Kumonodaira, Kuwazakiyama
Mt. Gaki, Mt. Ariake, Mt. Tsubaku, Mt. Otenyo, Mt. Jonen, Mt. Chogatake, Mt. Otaki, Higashikama-one to Mt. Yarigatake.
Mt. Ontake, Mt. Kohide, Mt. Okuyamakai, Mt. Kisokomagatake, Mt. Sorakidake, Mt. Minamikomagatake, Mt. Koshihyakuzan, Mt. Anhiroyama, and Mt. Ena.

snowy period,snow remaining in season

(Snow Hiking)
(Winter Mountain Trekkin・Climbing)
April/May residual snow season: Mt. Chogatake, Mt. Norikura

Specialized Guide Information

Alpine flower
Faith Climbing
Geography, Environment
History, Culture, Ancient roads and Old highways
Trees, forest vegetation, mushrooms

Foreign languages

English Communication skill
Able to communicate at a daily conversation level

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Mobile Phone 090-4860-4987

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