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Reina Sato/Takahashi

From leisurely hikes in the countryside to rocky mountains. Let's enjoy various mountains safely.

I love skiing, so I started to go skiing in the mountains in the summer, which led me to become a mountain guide.
I love to take it easy in the mountains, but sometimes I want to climb rocky mountains. In spring, while skiing, I start my mountaineering career in the Kanto area, Nagano, and the satoyama of Yamanashi. When the snow melts, I take expeditions to the Tohoku and Hokkaido areas. In summer, I lead hikes in the Northern Alps and other areas, and in autumn, when the Alps are over, I lead hikes in the Tohoku and Yamanashi areas.
I also go on peak hunts, but I enjoy walking with my clients while enjoying the itinerary and scenery while we go.


Trekking Guide Stage Ⅲ
Japan Professional Ski Teachers Association Stage 4 (ISIA card acquisition)


NPO Shinshu Matsumoto Mountain Guide Association Yamatami

Mountain areas of expertise

snowless period

Hiking near Nagano City, including Omachi, Takase Dam, Nanakura Dam, Kurobe Dam, hiking along the Oito Line, and Sacred Mountain
Hiking around Kamikochi, Norikura Kogen, Norikura Goshikigahara
Climbing Mt. Eboshi, Mt. Noguchigoro, Mt. Suisho, Mt. Washu, Mt. Mitsumata Renge, Mt. Sugoroku, Nishikama ridge to Mt. Yarigatake
Climb Mt. Gaki, Mt. Ariake, Mt. Tsubame, Mt. Otenyo, Mt. Jonen, Mt. Chogatake, Mt. Otaki, and Mt. Yarigatake from Higashikama-one.
Climbing Mt. Yarigatake, Mt. Hotaka, Okiret, Mt. Nishihotaka, Gendarme, Mt. Kasumizawa, Mt. Yakedake, Mt. Norikura.

snowy period,snow remaining in season

Kita Yatsugatake/Tengudake, Iodake, Tateshina Winter mountain climbing, hiking
April May residual snow season Mt.Karamatsu mountain climbing

Tateyama area Backcountry Skiing
Hakuba area Backcountry Skiing
In addition, Shiga Kogen Backcountry Skiing

Specialized Guide Information

Climbing equipment and tools
Rock ptarmigan, Wild birds
Mountaineering techniques (maps, ropes, etc.)
Exercise physiology

Foreign languages

English Communication skill
Able to communicate at a daily conversation level

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Guide office Yamakko



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