Kamikochi Nature Ski Tour Report

Kamikochi Nature Ski Tour

①Reception and rental starts at the Little Peaks tour office.

②Start out in the famous, pitch-black Kama tunnel with your skis on your back!

③In an hour you’ll arrive at frosty Taisho Pond.

④Do some warm up exercises and put on your nature skis.

⑤Let’s start the lesson taking advantage of the flat terrain!

⑥Practice skiing on a gentle slope.

⑦Practice skiing on a gentle slope.
Dive into the fluffy powder snow of Kamikochi to practice falling!

⑧When you take a big fall, look up and check out the contrast between the blue sky and white frost.

⑨The hoarfrost on Tashiro Pond only seen this time of year will take your breath away.

⑩Enjoy the party while forging through the great snowy field together.

⑪Ski through beautiful trees like white birch and Veitch’s silver fir.

⑫You have finally reached the stunning scenery of Kappabashi! Don’t forget to take a commemorative photo.

⑬Build memories and snow benches upon which you can enjoy your lunch.

⑭On the return path, attack your favorite slope.

⑮Savor your remaining time in Kamikochi while gazing at its beautiful mountain scenery.

⑯This is what Kamikochi nature skiing is all about! It was a day full of emotional experiences as Kamikochi revealed its new facets to you!
Great job!