Access to Hirayu Onsen


【The starting point on the Gifu Prefecture side to Kamikochi (transfer point for buses at the Akandana parking lot), the starting point for Norikura-dake Skyline buses, the Norikuradake Hirayu Route trailhead, and Goshiki-gahara.】

To Kamikochi, take the shuttle bus from Akandana. Norikura-dake Tatamidaira is also the starting point for the bus (via Honoki-daira).

Norikura-dake Hirayu route, the trailhead on the Hida side is located at a restaurant called Ankiya, where you can find a climbing post if you take the road next to the Abo Pass toll booth from Hirayu Onsen to the Hirayu Onsen ski resort. It is about a 15-minute walk from the bus terminal. Please use the Hirayu Great Falls parking lot next to the ski area.
※The Norikura Skyline partially collapsed during the torrential rainfall in July 2020, and although it was temporarily restored, it collapsed again and is currently under construction.

Parking lot: Parking 30 or more
Fee: Free (previously it was 500 yen per day)
Toilet: yes Drinking water: yes