【CONTENTS】See Rock Ptarmigan without climbing a mountain

Zoo initiatives 〜What we can do to prevent extinction〜

The Ministry of the Environment and the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums have implemented initiatives at affiliated facilities to cultivate and breed the rock ptarmigan, which is a rare and endangered species in Japan. In association with these efforts, five facilities throughout the country have rock ptarmigan exhibits as part of the preservation and breeding project.

Facilities with rock ptarmigan exhibits

Ueno Zoological Gardens (Tokyo)Toyama Municipal Family Park Zoo (Toyama)Omachi Alpine Museum (Nagano)Nasu Animal Kingdom (Tochigi)Ishikawa Zoo (Ishikawa) Even those who have never climbed a mountain before can see this Japanese treasure. Their lack of fear of humans and cute expressions are certain to soothe your soul.Exhibit hours may be shortened depending on the physical condition of the bird,but it is definitely worth making the trip to see them.

The following facilities cultivate a different subspecies of rock ptarmigan conducting preparations for Japanese rock ptarmigan breeding and basic research.Akita Municipal Omoriyama Zoo (Akita)Tama Zoo (Tokyo)City of Yokohama Preservation and Research Center (Kanagawa)、Yokohama Municipal Kanazawa Zoological Gardens (Kanagawa)、Nagano Chausuyama Zoo (Nagano)、Iida Municipal Zoo (Nagano).

Rock ptarmigan exhibit at Nasu Animal Kingdom. Eggs were collected between 2015 – 2016 at Norikura Mountains and artificial hatching began here. Their adorable expressions make them very popular.
Exhibit at Ueno Zoological Gardens. The popularity of the rock ptarmigan is unwavering. However, there are times the exhibit is not open to the public, so checking before your visit is recommended.
Crowds of spectators at the Ueno Zoological Gardens rock ptarmigan exhibit.
The rock ptarmigan exhibit at Omachi Alpine Museum.
Many people also visit Ishikawa zoo.
Toyama Municipal Family Park Zoo. The facility is in the foothills of Tateyama and is visited by large numbers of fans from all over the country.

Rock ptarmigan exhibit at Ishikawa Zoo. (Photos provided by each facility)