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Sayuri Ogawa

Declaration of safe climbing. I'm going home with a smile on my face.

Born in Komagane City at the foot of the Central Alps. Started climbing mountains to train for snowboarding. Just as he was starting to long for the backcountry, a friend of his lost his life in an avalanche. He realized that mountains are not only fun but also risky, and in 2014, he himself experienced an eruption just below the summit of Mount Ontake. “I don't want people to feel sad in the mountains, and I don't want them to." With this in mind, he has been working as a guide and rescue team member mainly in the Central Alps. He also teaches lessons learned from the eruption of Mount Ontake. Apart from mountains, he loves cats. Overseas Mountaineering Experience: Biharijot (2001), Mont Blanc (2002), Matterhorn (2003), Grandes Jorasses (2003).


Trekking Guide Stage Ⅱ
Nagano prefecture Mountain guide
Alpine plant protection instructor
Red Cross Society of Japan Emergency Relief Act Emergency Relief Workers
Member of the mountain rescue team of the Central Alps Distress Association


Minami Shinsyu Mountain Guide Association

Mountain areas of expertise

snowless period

Trekking around Eboshi-dake Noguchi-goro-dake, Suisho-dake, Washiba-dake, Mitsumata-renge-dake, Sugoroku-dake, Yari-gatake from Nishi-kama-o'-ne area
Trekking around Yari-gatake, Hotaka-dake, Dai-kiretto, nishi-hotaka-dake, Gendarme, Kasumi-sawa-dake, Yake-dake, Norikura mountains area
Trekking around Ontake mountains, Kohide-yama, Okusankai-dake, Kiso-koma-gatake, Utsugi-dake, Minami-koma-gatake, Kosumo-yama, Anpeiji-yama, Ena-san area
Trekking around Kai-koma-gatake, Senjo-gatake, Houo-san kushigata-yama, Kita-dake, Aino-dake, Noutori-dake area
Trekking around Shiomi-dake, Arakawa-dake, Akaishi-dake, Hijiri-dake, Kamikouchi-dake & Tekari-dake area

snowy period,snow remaining in season

Winter Trekking Takami-ishi-koya, Kuroyuri Hutte Shima-kare sanso, area
Snow hiking around Kaida Kogen area in April - May, remaining snow season
Snow Trekking around Kiso-koma-gatake area in April - May, remaining snow season

Specialized Guide Information

Alpine flower
Climbing equipment and tools
Rock ptarmigan, Wild birds
Exercise physiology
History, Culture, Ancient roads and Old highways

Foreign languages

English Communication skill
Able to communicate in a basic way

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